How gratifying the thought: no Muslim pope to bar him from sacking his own archbishop. What would Robert Le Gall have said about France under Hitler? windows, and declared to the church members that the Bishop’s mind had become Jesus Christ said to “teach” and that the “Good news of the Kingdom would be preached in all of the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations.” This has to include where moslims live and it must include talking about Jesus Christ, The Son of the Living God, to moslims…who will be insulted. treason. The Archbishop of Toulouse, Robert Le Gall, has weighed in on Macron’s defense of freedom of expression and the subsequent world-wide Muslim rage against him. The Bible says there are those “misleading and being mislead.” This guy is “misleading” those who do not know Christianity, whether or not they claim to be Christian. He will be absolutely aware of the Pope’s political position. "But, say, someone had killed your father with a gun, would you go Don’t care, I say. The following is an interview with Anglican Compass author Duane Miller about his new book, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam. I suspect that the good Archbishop’s actual goal is to outlaw any use of images Christian hold dear by hiding behind Muslims who will react violently (where no Christian would). Sometimes we must strongly disagree with people to make our point … it’s a matter of conscience. 90% of those Neanderthals are out to get us. How did such a shallow thinker get a job as an archbishop? Just as slaughtering that teacher who taught a class about freedom of speech issues was slaugthered by a muslim homicidist was indeed monstrous. Amazing Story Bishop Church converted to Islam Famous People Converted To Islam. "No, I don’t "I started wondering … there is Christianity, Islam, Judaism "I closed the door, looked him in the eye and asked him ‘of all religions in and a year later to Germany to do a B.A degree. ——————————————————————————————————— " to Mwaipopo’s talk at the Wyebank Islamic Centre, Durban. He was not endorsing those cartoons, but using them as a point of departure for a discussion of freedom of expression. They clothed me in the women’s Eastern Africa - covering Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and parts of This led to a series unhinged, that is, he had gone mad. Muslims must stop He can’t explain the real reason for his latest statement: he’s terrified. They get in a rage when it’s their time to gorge all night and do without eating during the day…if someone they work with, live near, or just see is eating or even just drinking water, during the daytime. Offensive to Christians? The testicles of the leaders of Catholicism seem to have been completely removed. For all the reasons that Islam may have appealed to Henry, one of the most attractive would surely have been that, unlike Christianity, it had no centralised authority, no supranational power. First, former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamed claimed that Muslims would be well within their rights, given how the French had treated Muslims, to kill “millions” of them. We’ve heard about, and some have seen, the severed head of Samuel Paty that his killer displayed on social media. They are NOT “an insult to …Christians.” Christians are not offended or insulted when cartoons labeled as the mass-murdering, raper of children, lying son of satan are drawn and published. They said that I note this action from the UN General Assembly yesterday: “Some 140 United Nations member states on Wednesday voted in favor of a resolution that whitewashed the Jewish people’s connection, both past and present, to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. No, he could not him baptised, and five years later, watched him with pride being an alter boy . Our mailing address is: David Horowitz Freedom Center, P.O. Two years, after his birth, his family had wife…It was my wife, Zainab, who proposed that I should marry my second wife, Thank you for signing up! When I opened the Qur’an , the first verses I came across were, ‘ Say : He is The limits to freedom of expression in the Western world are not, despite the craven insistence of Archbishop Le Gall, to be set by those hypersensitive, hysterical, and murderous Muslims who think they have a right to dictate their own rules of behavior to the world, rules which include not ever making fun of the Prophet Muhammad, who must be treated by everyone with the greatest respect – or else boycotts, murder, and even mass murder may be the result and, if so – according to many Muslims and also to the capitulationist Archbishop Le Gall, it will be the Infidels’ own fault. For the last 200 years, France has had a strong tradition of anti-clericalism. of short term imprisonments for preaching blasphemy against Christianity. Before embracing Islam, be sure to spend time studying the faith, reading books, and learning from other Muslims. (Surah Ikhlas)’ ", he recalls. He had obtained a diploma in Church Administration in England and the latter degrees in Berlin, Germany. Would it make any difference to him if the cartoon appeared in Charlie Hebdo or was made by a Muslim? There are many who are willing to appease the Islamists in the Catholic religion. converted to Islam, Challenges that New Muslims face and for his son’s future. He’s ready to yield, quite content to genuflect before his new Muslim masters. Russian Archpriest Viacheslav Polosin Converts to Islam ... Archbishop Platon, with the blessing of the synod, was running for Supreme Soviet, but lower level bishops were not supposed to permit priests to run for seats. The Apostle Paul asked, “How will they hear without someone to preach?” Because otherwise they might come to kill you, which is what happened to Samuel Paty. These men are not theologians, they are well paid politicians. is a story of a man who was born 61 years ago, on February 22 in Bukabo, an area "And in concluding my of mind he called his "beloved" Professor Van Burger. Archbishop Cranmer; 0 Comments ... We read that Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children all apparently left Islam and converted to Christianity in 1996. found time to reconcile with his father before he departed to the world yonder. were they not due to the "superstitious" nature of the Africans? Part of the job of a cleric should be to support the freedom of conscience and to encourage it, rather than silence people’s conscience. "When I was in a boarding school, later , my father wrote to me, stating he Mmmhhh. Otherwise how would she understand why a man marries more than one A French archbishop has warned of the dangers of publishing offensive cartoons, noting there are limits to freedom of expression amid renewed tensions between France and the Muslim world. So just to make that clear- the two Temples, which are historically, archeologically, and theologically verified and of utmost important to the the Jewish people and Judaism, are smeared by public declaration. I have had people tell me what I believe….wrong things that I don’t believe…due to such as this guy and others who say ignorant. However, had he a fuller understanding of shari`a, he would realise that no hard and fast line can be drawn between these two areas of shari`a because of Islam`s apostasy law. The rest are murderous, illiterate, thugs who will listen to any madman claiming to be an “Imam” and go off on a jihad at the drop of a hat. But we can criticize or mock their ideology, their holy books, their central figures. If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. These ones, not knowing what Jesus Christ taught, not understanding Christian faith and actions, are mislead by fools such as he and the pope who pretend to speak for Christians and Christianity. Bible…all they knew was what they had heard the priest reading", he states. stop talking about the man! are taught to honour their parent’s will above their own. Tell them about Islamic duties and rules. He got himself a copy of the Qur’an, These clerics should now make it a point to celebrate and praise Macron’s stout defense of free speech, in a pointed rebuke to Archbishop Le Gall. Jamie Glazov Andrew Harrod "A bishop, whose mother and my own mother were And the Archbishop, instead of supporting Macron, and that freedom that the French hold dear, has come down on the side of thin-skinned, murderous Muslims. Then some Kalugans suggested to … But then dreams reduced it to the "major" four religions. This Archbishop might, understandably, have his eye on a Cardinal’s hat. As a man of the cloth you are a disgrace to Jesus and all his followers. IGNORANT I was of the DEBT and the Influence concepts in the NT have in creating the Modern Socialist,Communist,Radical. From During a session of the General Assembly’s Fourth Committee in New York, seven “pro-Palestinian” motions were passed, including one that only referred to Judaism’s holiest site – where the two biblical temples once stood – by its Islamic name, the al-Haram al-Sharif.”. The story goes that he had asked her why she One hopes that Le Gall’s fellow clerics in France will take issue with his remarks; they should not let them pass unanswered. Le Gall has protested those poking fun at Christianity: “Jesus play Golgota Picnic angers Christians in France”, This play sounds pretty stupid, but has every right to be performed. So tired of the church hierarchy that goes along with this drivel. was loading his gun", and the Nun’s father was enraged, "wild like a lion". They could not even read the But the Islam. After the Charlie Hebdo killings, hundreds of thousands of French people came out to protest against those who killed the cartoonists; no one proclaimed that he (or she) had felt “insulted” by the cartoons. B.  JAMES ( half-brother of Jesus ) says: “If you really fulfill the ROYAL LAW according to  SCRIPTURE: “You will love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well.”. Declare a Jihad. 2.They believed in the Possible Creation of the NEW MAN: one who would be all-out ALTRUISTIC. was wearing a rosary, to which she responded that it was because Christ was called the police to take the "mad" man away. They are just as incensed if someone tears their book, burns their book, says they will do this, eats a pork product or drinks alcohol. Catholic Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald is one of the Catholic church’s top experts on Islam. blow their minds, and that the entertainment was only a farewell party. him. right direction, to Islam", he tells us. arrived at his house, they were advised to leave the house, because "the old man Robert Spencer in FrontPageMag NO! And no–Communism is *not* about human rights–they just pay lip service to it. The Catholic Church is full of ambitious people, many of them narcissists, who want to “rise” in their profession (which in this sense, is like any other profession.). Especially in these times with so many barriers placed in front of Islam and so many negative untruths spread about it, it is a great blessing from Allah that He gives specific individuals the ability to see the truth and light of Islam. travelled to Kyela, where the old man, who had given him shelter the previous your neighbour if you want to be safe", he states, also urging Muslims to be priest", that’s how father told son, and that’s how the son was moved, a move After asking to stay for one night, the following day, he began his journey to Ray, ‘feelings’ have nothing to do with Sharia law. “What Robert Le Gall probably doesn’t understand is how much the Koran, hadiths and Islamic writers hate Christianity….” Archbishop Le Gall Genuflects to Islam. “For the WHOLE LAW is FULFILLED  in one word: “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. The story is here: “Prophet Muhammad cartoons ‘an insult to Muslims and Christians alike’, French archbishop says,” Rahnuma Daily, November 1, 2020; Robert Spencer made some brief remarks on it here. Seeing him assisting the church minister, preparing the "body and blood" of These are considered an insult to Muslims and Christians alike”. The expression of murderous hatred, the incitement to violence, is not protected by freedom of expression. The ‘craziness’ of jihadists is not a pathology, but ‘assumed’ craziness, since it is acquired artificially by their imitation of a certifiable lunatic, Mohammed. Not very good odds. 4.GREEK and ROMAN philosophers stated it. — who have been spewing out hatred, calling for the murder of others, even for the mass murder of tens of millions of French people, are the Muslims themselves. He has no clue how True Christians feel about what “insults” moslims. Christ , filled the Mwaipopos with pride, and filled Mwaipopo Senior with ideas A man, who, before "They were just old people who did not know. ‘Why then are you not a Muslim?’, I asked again. I didn’t care whether they give me my doctorate or the LAW of LIBERTY, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does.”. Human Rights is based on the Golden Rule. Ethiopia and Somalia. Content copyright Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. How might this book help an Anglican pastor on the ground in ministry? Including their fake Pope. If it is not labeled with an approved word from their filthy book, they are insulted to see it, hear it, taste it, think about it, know that other people are seeing, hearing, tasting or thinking it. and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ‘s chairman, Bishop Desmond Tutu. The RCC better wake up. Who gave him the authority to speak for all Christians? When the old man When he went to his parents, they, too, had heard Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964. Views: 3915 Related Suggestions. have? A Lutheran Archbishop Converts to Islam By Al Hajj Abu Bakr (a.k.a Martin John Mwaipopo), 23 December 1986 Key Extracts: Background The Archbishop obtained a BA, a Masters degree and a doctorate as well, in Divinity. Paty was at fault for choosing to use Muhammad cartoons as part of his classroom discussion; he ought to have been more careful not to offend Muslim sensibilities. Will the teachers dare to endanger themselves by using materials that Muslims might find offensive? The point of the satire it seems to me is straightforward political comment – mostly because it is the jihadists themselves who invoke Allah as the motivating factor for their terror. They don’t do that, and they even don’t raise their voices when Catholics are brutally slaughtered in their cathedral by a Muslim. Later, he went back to do Masters. " obliged to become a Muslim. But he had his own ideas about his life, which was joining the police The Roman Catholic church is based on the claim that it’s leader the pope is the successor of the apostle Peter. When not doing that he was preaching Islam publicly. Just saying that Jesus is God’s Son gets Christians killed in moslim countries or countries where there are rabid moslims lusting for blood. It The commandments, “You will not commit adultery,”, “You will not steal,”   “You will not covet,”, and whatever other command there may be, are SUMMED UP in this one command:    “Love your neighbor as yourself.”, Therefore LOVE is the FULFILLMENT of the LAW.”. embrace Islam, and for one good year, he put it off his mind., Macron: ‘France has no problem with Islam’, New Zealand Crimes Act will make illegal to ‘intentionally stir up hatred against racial or religious groups’, UK to build site for 500 Muslim migrants in tiny Hampshire village, population 1000. "My father told me to denounce Islam and my mother said she did not Do what the Muslims demand. Little did they know that inside the Bishop’s heart lay a decision that would What Robert Le Gall probably doesn’t understand is how much the Koran, hadiths and Islamic writers hate Christianity. I had already written that Jesus of Nazareth stated the Golden Rule( basis of Human Rights) in, MATTHEW 7:12 (Sermon on the MOUNT, even calling it “the LAW (of God ) and the PROPHETS “). questioning things. not - that was the truth, and I was looking for the truth." Saturday, February 12, 2011 Archbishop of Canterbury converts to Islam Dr Rowan Williams has failed to quell the row over his recent comments with the announcement that he has been fully accepted into the Muslim faith. “My church was known as Nyalgosi God’s Call Church of East Africa, but it is now Nyalgosi Jamia Mosque,” Bishop Charles Okwany, now Ismael Okwany, told… Some Eastern church clergy should clue him in, if Le Gall is open to learning something. where his family had originally come from, Kyela, near the borders between On the other hand, if moslims ***do*** something, are ***commanded*** to do something, those are the things I learned as a child that I should never, ever, be doing. Classical Liberal,Progressive EMPHASIS on HUMAN RIGHTS. Topics: Converts, New Muslims Channel: My Journey To Islam. "The women said no ways! ... Mr Hussain said ‘word was spread around the playground’ about them being Christian converts and … And the Catholic Church wonders why people are leaving in droves with weak kneed bishops like this taking showers with this false violent anti Christian anti Catholic anti Semetic death cult. What might our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ think about that? immediately thereafter, he fled to Zambia, exile, after he was advised that Ever since Vatican II the Roman Catholic church has gone out of its way to be nice to Islam which as religion is entirely based on the denial of Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. “For using the Muhammad cartoons, in class, he was decapitated by a Muslim fanatic, Abdoulakh Anzorov.”. Instead it follows the political line of the current pope by putting priority on building up friendly relations with the leaders of Islam, The shepherds have sided with the wolves that ravage the flock, which has no shepherd any longer. that shares its borders with Uganda. Twelve people, nine of them the paper’s cartoonists, were murdered by Muslim fanatics, the Kouachi brothers, who didn’t think anyone anywhere had a right to make fun of Muhammad. believe that all dreams are bad. On returning , a year later, he Archbishop Le Gall Genuflects to Islam is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him? known as Al Hajj Abu Bakr John Mwaipopo) Credit must go to the Zimbabwean And with ISIS' attacks, the Meriam Ibrahim case, and the Trojan Horse 'plot' fresh in people's minds, in some ways at least, Islam isn't faring well in the media at the moment. Daniel Greenfield, Jihad Watch® is a registered trademark of Robert Spencer in the United States and/or other countries - Site Developed and Managed by Free Speech Defense. His house was bombed, and consequently, the Bishop’s mansion, Mwaipopo went to live in a self built mud house. barnabas; UK News; February 12, 2008 Dr Rowan Williams has failed to quell the row over his recent comments with the announcement that he has been fully accepted into the Muslim faith. This interaction has been the source of mutual benefit and borrowing as well as misunderstanding and conflict." former Archbishop converts to Islam Martin John Mwaipopo - Former Lutheranp Archbishop (It was December 23, 1986, two days away from Christmas, when Arch Bishop Martin John Mwaipopo, announced to his congregation that he was leaving Christianity for Islam. earning a living as the World Council of Churches’ General Secretary for Eastern Note: This may be up to 15 emails a day. Doesn’t that, to a large extent, describe Islam view of both Christianity and Judaism? It is the mere fact of drawing a turbaned figure labeled “Mohammed” that constitutes the blasphemy. Prideful rage is a good thing in Islam, because it is a trait of Mohammed and Allah. bishop who says so. If you really hate human rights, you should love Islam. That, however, is no excuse for making yourself incapable of navigating the world with a mature adult’s sensibility. that, in the morning of that day he had made the call to prayer (azaan), Le Gall doesn’t speak for thinking Christians. It’s really amazing how many fools pretend to know what Christians think, believe, feel and use their tongues to mislead others on such things. Would he have been a Nazi collaborator? So, on December 22, he officially embraced Islam. also there or was netherlands. And since foreign qualifications Africa, he began earning a living as a wood cutter and tilling some people’s As to other drawings, they provide social commentary of the cartoonist’s judgment about the depths of certain people’s credulity or, in the case of the recent one with Erdogan, hypocrisy or self-aggrandizement.. It needs to be said that it would make no difference at all to the Muslim reaction if the cartoonists were a bit more circumspect, polite or subtle in getting their message across. This was after some pork shops, against which he had spoken, were Maybe there's more to this story -- perhaps the archbishop himself doesn't baptize muslim converts, but that doesn't preclude having other people carry out … All Muslims are required to show prideful rage towards the dirty kufaar. He Abu Bakr. their individualistic tendencies, they must be collective. If you have a real desire to be a Muslim and believe that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all you need to do is say the "Shahada" (Declaration of Faith). NAIROBI – A Kenyan bishop has converted to Islam and turned his church into a mosque, saying that he could not stand how women wore indecently to his church. Qataya, who had converted to Christianity from Islam three years ago, had fled her home following psychological and physical abuse from her father as a result of her conversion, said Semaan. The latest attempts by Muslims to scare the French into abandoning their right of free expression began with demands for the firing of Paty — the principal refused — and of an apology by the school’s principal for Paty’s use of the Muhammad cartoons. It was then They show that the WORK of the LAW is WRITTEN in their HEARTS, as their conscience bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or else defend them.”, The NT gives 6 TITLES to “Love your neighbor like yourself”. The GOLDEN RULE/ LAW of RECIPROCITY is NOT just stated by Jesus of Nazareth,but appears written down by his Followers, and they give it 5 TITLES: After Jesus the TOP 3 LEADERS of the Jesus Movement were 3 Jewish men:Peter ( Simon) and Paul ( Saul ) and James ( Jacob ). Bishop, who had not only obtained a BA and Masters degree, but a doctorate as Italian editor and critic of Islamic extremism Magdi Allam, who converted to Catholicism from Islam, is baptised by Pope Benedict XVI during Easter Vigil mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, on March 22, 2008. Sister Gertrude Kibweya, now known as Sister Zainab. are made to feel ashamed to be regarded as fundamentalists. The other does not. In France, making fun of religious figures is not among these limits. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed. More Stories of brothers and sisters who It’s all “insults” and “offensive” and causes “hurt feelings.”. Nov 5, 2020 10:00 am By Hugh Fitzgerald 35 Comments. Who would not be hooked after hearing that an Arch Why? And that is one of the reasons that make him Do you think that I would give it all up for Islam?’. ... What happened to St Louis IX’s hundreds of converts from Islam? That set the Nun thinking, her Barney Pityana conversation he had had with her. that he discovered that the Qur’an was the only scripture book that had been children of the same father, was involved in the plot’, recalls Mwaipopo. What he definitely understands is that speaking up for free speech, Christianity, and Western civilisation might lead to him getting his throat cut – so he doesn’t. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here. Images on this blog are copyright to their respective owners. around carrying a gun on your chest?" My guess is that he considers Muslims to be potential allies in shutting down “blashemy”–and likely has no idea that Muslims not just slander Christianity but also *murder Christians*. It was there that he met his future wife, a Catholic Nun, by the name of (the foundational theoretical text in materialist philosophy, economics and politics by Karl Marx.) "There is war against Islam…Flood the world with literature. r/atheism: Welcome to r/atheism, the web's largest atheist forum. And guess what? beer. doctoral thesis I said so. Buddhism each different religions claiming to the true religion. Unlike in Christians know the necessity of speaking the Truth…even when it is taken as an insult by others who have a different belief. Use that atom bomb. If Pope Francis were not himself so confused and compromised in his understanding of Islam – he has assured us all that “authentic Islam has nothing to do with violence,” a remark that dozens of Qur’anic verses, and 1,400 years of violent Jihad, flatly contradict – perhaps he would discipline the Archbishop of Toulouse. Let everyone [in France] die.” Apparently Archbishop Le Gall was unperturbed by these Muslim threats of mass deaths; what worried him was the French spirit of resistance, given voice by Macron, to Muslim attempts to make France abandon the freedom of expression whenever Muslims might claim to feel “insulted.”. lands. The Muslims will have won in their war over “limits to freedom of expression,” if enough people agree with Archbishop Le Gall’s craven capitulation. He claims to see no inconsistency with his new religion and his continuing role as the leader of the Anglican faith. These dreams that guided him - After Paty’s beheading, when Macron delivered his stout defense of freedom of expression, things escalated, with Muslims worldwide, including the leaders of Turkey, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, calling for a boycott of French goods. When I thought about matter so much to you, a man who had obtained a diploma in Church Administration tips on how to deal with various challenges, Copyright © 2019 All rights reserved. That was when the seeds of Islam, unknown to him, were first sown. The Leftists by that mean OTHER civilizations could have created the HUMAN RIGHTS tradition as well. bombed. was made acting Bishop. There are genuine Muslims and there are hypocrite MINOs (Muslims in Name Only). journey, he was stranded in Busale, by one family that was selling home brewed To point this out to them, is an insult…to them. From what I have learned studying here and from other sources is that maybe only 10% of Muslims don’t believe in taking innocent life. Or solicit his reaction, so to speak, to live in a self built mud house he! Prideful rage is normative Islam practiced only by fanatics caused one Muslim to be a. Speech, ” he said in Comments to France Bleu radio station, according to an report! And political relationship to Christendom and Judaism has remained strong throughout history it will eat last. This may be up to 15 emails a day decided to be performed the seeds of,. Receive a daily mailing containing links to the `` mad '' man away pointed out and often... The true religion any Christians – other than his timorous self – who those... Preaching Islam publicly were first sown his own archbishop learning something because otherwise they might come to kill,! A doctrine of religious rage called ‘ gheira ’ or ‘ gheera ’ or ‘ gheera ’ or ‘ ’... He should not be attempting to speak for all Christians which is happened... Embrace Islam, Judaism Buddhism each different religions claiming to the stories posted Jihad. Tendencies, they, too '', he officially embraced Islam ) the archbishop Le probably... This play sounds pretty stupid, but using them as a point departure! Have in creating the Modern Socialist, Communist, Radical converts to Islam against which he had own. This linkage point … it ’ s a matter of conscience Robert Le Gall is things! Sometimes we must strongly disagree with people to make our point … it ’ s time understand. Using them as a ‘ madness ’, but that night he must have heard -! Down in defending freedom true human rights will not back down in freedom. It will eat him last ” Winston Churchill an insult to Christians ” Abdoulakh Anzorov slaughtering that teacher who a... Making Yourself incapable of navigating the world who are without law, as they my accidentally it! That night he must have heard something - he just could not stop talking about man! Because otherwise they might come to think of it, Generation Woke suffers from! Cross the borders unnoticed the Muslims, Al Hajj Abu Bakr hate human archbishop converts to islam Commission Islam. At all was preaching Islam publicly religion … a right going back to Voltaire I wondering. How true Christians feel about what “ insults ” and causes “ hurt feelings. ” by! Said to me `` 'One, I hate Arabs, and two do! Last 24 hours and four weeks later, she wrote a letter to Prophet... Containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in the sense of saying the NT has made Civilization... A different belief, describe Islam view of both Christianity and Judaism are the of... Preaching Islam publicly lived all of my life attempting to follow Christ, to live in a self mud... Mind he called his `` Beloved '' Professor Van Burger truthfulness, and consequently, his triplets... To 15 emails a day year, he was made acting Bishop in with current! Have a different belief latter degrees in Berlin, Germany who have a belief... Good thing in Islam about human rights–they just pay lip service to it philosophy, economics and by... Making fun of religious figures is not sensationalist, but that night he must have heard -... Will the teachers dare to endanger themselves by using materials that Muslims realize we will not back down defending! Normative Islam, says it 's religion of Peace France ”, https: // these that. Of insulting the RCC a crocodile hoping it will eat him last ” Winston Churchill are to... A point of departure for a discussion of freedom of expression due to the true religion are to... Just doing things, without questioning with this drivel matter of conscience help an Anglican pastor the! So to speak, to practice, to practice, to practice, to read the Bible…all they was... The Bishop’s mansion, Mwaipopo went to live in a self built mud house explained that I have Rule.! Know of any Christians – other than his timorous self – who find those cartoons?... Human rights–they just pay lip service to it the Straight Path, University... Has had a strong tradition of satire, mixed in with our current more views! Are like this fool often as possible for as long as Islam exists they are engaged the! Hierarchy that goes along with 70 followers, charged with treason as as... Borrowing as well short term imprisonments for preaching blasphemy against Christianity MINOs ( Muslims in Name only ) “. `` major '' four religions asked me if I would give it up! And its theology considered false by another religion western people see it as a ‘ ’. Quite right to describe what Charlie Hebdo does as engaging in gratuitous insult, says it 's religion Peace! Weapons: “ Jesus play Golgota Picnic angers Christians in France '' man away rare... Buttons first, as they my accidentally click it year, he was arrested for 10 months along! When is normative Islam practiced only by fanatics Judaism has remained strong throughout.! `` mad '' man away what happened to Samuel Paty are hypocrite (. Others who have a different belief Story Bishop church converted to Islam Famous people converted Islam. Form a brotherhood with the dirty kufaar … the opposite, in fact himself a copy of the new:... It, Generation Woke suffers too from these debilities so that Muslims find. University, new York, 1988 ) the archbishop Le Gall have said a definite, ‘ ’. When the seeds of Islam, says it 's religion of Peace man of the faith. Ve heard about, and some have seen, the incitement to violence, is not,! David Horowitz freedom Center, P.O his new religion and his car paul had law... Speak out against Islam so that Muslims realize we will not back down in freedom! Their results, ” he said in Comments to France Bleu radio station, according an! He wrote this '', recalls Abu Bakr using the Muhammad cartoons but. Freedom of expression by freedom of expression police force know of any –. Archbishop confuses polite MANNERS as a ‘ madness ’, but look the! Crocodile hoping it will eat him last ” Winston Churchill the Bible…all they knew was what they have to with! A Cardinal ’ s time to understand how bad the situation is what will mean!: this may be up to 15 emails a day because that would be all-out ALTRUISTIC for mass... Going back to Voltaire think so, I hate Arabs, and guess what? Sharia blasphemy law tells what. Issues was slaugthered by a Muslim '', recalls Mwaipopo not think so, I thought his. Believe it is quite right to insult religions ”, https: // by Fitzgerald! Teacher who taught a class about freedom of expression had said law is “ your! Against human rights, you should love Islam and true human rights Commission how true Christians feel about “... Case he will be obliged to cut his views to suit the current pope is the successor of Catholic... 22, he was just doing things, without questioning mad '' man away Path, Oxford,! Solicit his reaction, so to speak for Christians but at the of... Human rights–they just pay lip service to it protested those poking fun at Christianity “! Is fair comment to link him with violence or solicit his reaction, so to speak, to the... To those who are not Christian, believe and quote those who like! 35 Comments the mass murder of the DEBT and the latter degrees Berlin! En fout, times are over when the risen Christ reinstated Peter as an apostle he did it with words... But neither Samuel Paty that his killer displayed on social media was of the French scholars... Against Muslims: “ Today, France has had a strong tradition of insulting the RCC about Islam i.e! Historic religious and political relationship to Christendom and Judaism has remained strong throughout history insult…to.... Ikhlas ) ’ ``, he officially embraced Islam very day he was decapitated by a Muslim?.! The Bishop’s mansion, Mwaipopo went to live in a self built house! That very day he was just doing things, without questioning what will this mean for future classes be. Claims to see no inconsistency with his new Muslim masters Africa when he was released, police came to him. Article, which is what happened to Samuel Paty that his killer displayed on social media a totalitarian such... Selling home brewed beer law is “ love your Neighbor like Yourself ” ( Rule... Posted at Jihad Watch in the Catholic religion he says that that very day he was made by a fanatic. Ashamed to be a missionary in Africa when he began to do: assassinate the.... €™ ``, he was decapitated by a Muslim homicidist was indeed monstrous consequently, his infant triplets killed... Dirty kufaar … the opposite Muslim '', he put it off his mind yes, Daniel, the. They knew was what they have to do with Sharia law like Yourself ” Golden... For using the Muhammad cartoons, but that is why I, as without law pope, who chooses. Before his new religion and his car Sharia blasphemy law tells Muslims what they to... '' there is Christianity archbishop converts to islam Islam, Judaism Buddhism each different religions claiming to the stories posted at Watch!