Photo series are often edited with the same method and in the same style focusing on coherence. Here are eleven remarkable portrait series, plus a video interview about a famous 40-year-long group portrait project. Look at the example on the left. These are cold and moody filters that reduce warm photo tones. For this project, you need to have two polarizing filters. Black and white photography (whether it be film or digital) has a unique beauty. Creating amazing still life with smoke photography…, We're all in search of creative outlets in life. Set Aperture Priority mode and capture everything that attracts you. All of these positive emotions will enrich your photography experience. While there are many photography themes available, it’s fair to say that a lot of them look very similar. Your black and white photography series will encourage you to sharpen your imaginative skills. Photography themes are a great way to organize your photography. Photography Themes for WordPress with Galleries. Integrate daily life. Do you shoot with a Hasselblad? It reinforces the subject matter and the photographic process. Whether you take a photo a day in a Project 365 or choose to do one photo a week in a Project 52 this is a great way to focus on your photography skills. In this type of photography, you try to convey a concept or message with a photograph. This list should get the creative juices flowing. With Clayton managing albums is as simple as writing a post. You can add featured images along with unique photo series in a full-width carousel for both landscape and portrait images. The shooter distorted and inverted crowd scenes through them. Usually the conception of the idea precedes the realization. Conceptual photography is the way a photographer conveys his messages, his ideas. We’ve discussed the one-subject/one-day method (I need a better phrase to explain that! A Abstract Amphibian Angel Architecture Autumn B Bikes Birds Black and White Blue Books Bridge Bronze Brown Bump Butterflies … Fill the liquid container, start moving, and then let a few drops fall through the hole. If you want to make children's series of photos, fine arts, and women’s portraits look warm, then select this filter. The key is to challenge yourself and always look for inspiration. Bold Photography is a dark theme that’s perfect for black and white photographers, film photographers and fashion photographers. Stunning WordPress Photography Themes. Consider such photo series examples like the curve of the rivers creating an S-shape or the frame of swings forming the letter A. Apply this filter to urban pictures. Usually the conception of the idea precedes the realization. To spark some ideas, we have found 7 inspiring photo series to help guide our photographers along the way. arts World Photography Day: 5 of the year's best photo series Create unique abstracts by capturing oil floating in water. Will you showcase your photos in a grid or side-by-side? With chocolate toning, narrative photography series will become warmer, softer, and more atmospheric. Using photography prompts or themes gave me purpose and direction. will try some of it out! Put the flowers in a plastic reservoir with de-ionized or distilled water. No matter what you call it, the 365 Project or Photo a Day project, the result is the same – a photo for every day of the year. Using such techniques is a nice opportunity to show your own talents. Stunning WordPress Photography Themes. You can take photos from a moving car at night when your friend is driving slowly along a well-lit road. Shoot only in an open area. Throw the subject into the water and capture it. This type of series photography will help you create peculiar optical illusions and experiment with compositions. There is ALWAYS something to photograph you just have to get creative. You will have time to pose yourself well before the exposure starts. Do not use complex settings and filters. It’s dangerous and often misguided to try to label or categorize many forms of art. They helped me get out of my comfort zone and find new things to shoot. See more ideas about narrative photography, photography, photographer. 13 Favorite Conceptual Photography Series from 2014. The camera must be mounted on a tripod. The theme’s minimal, sleek design will serve up your photography with a bold flare to your site visitors. BetterPhoto's photo contest is the most fun, most objective, and most inspiring photography contest on the Web. But why do photographers love them so much? Even if all you need is one photo, it's not a bad idea to have your camera snap five or ten so you can vary your pose/expression. A photo theme simply means creating a set of photographs that are related in some way, whether it be through subject, color or other reoccurring pattern. Fix the tripod to the passenger seat. If the images in the set have all different styles, they won’t look like part of the same series. There are many reflective surfaces that can be used as a background for your pictures. It involves lifting a device with a kite using a DIY or purpose-built ring. Take an ordinary torch and remove its end so you expose the bulb and get more direct light. Each one provides a little lesson on how to create an awesome photo series. Feb 27, 2013 - Explore paige714's board "Photography - Specific themes", followed by 203 people on Pinterest. Photography themes all share one common goal: helping you build the perfect website to display your work. In this article you're going to see how you can light up your creative photography with…, See all articles in Creative Photography Projects. Avoid shooting stock images depicting letters in road signs and shop fronts. Documentary photographers, landscape and cityscape photographers, photojournalism and more! Photographer Julien Palast refers to his Skin Deep series as "a study on the body-object, ephemeral sculptures of the human form. You know I love a Project 365 and have lots of tips on completing one. Each theme has great features and options to make your own customization. 4 Skin Deep. A car may help you realize photography project theme ideas. And that will seriously improve your photographic skills! These 16 premium, 4k images are free for Windows 10. Capture the same scene at different times, as in this photography series by Clarisse d’Arcimoles: Clarisse d’Arcimoles has taken a series of photographs mimicking old family photographs, creating identical compositions of family members at different stages in their lives. Without a clear sky, photographing star landscapes is almost impossible. No matter what photos you took, always use Photoshop (skin retouching, digital drawing, background replacement) and Lightroom (color correction, adding text or frames) to enhance photos before posting in Instagram or another platform. Just open PS and blur everything except a small area in the picture. The Fifteen theme is both fun and unique compared to many of the other WordPress photography themes out there. Get to know the world's best WordPress photography theme, putting your images front and center. Get to know the world's best WordPress photography theme, putting your images front and center. Thanks to this kind of series, you can take a fresh look at your familiar environment and improve your creative abilities. Travelling is wonderful but it’s not the only key to beautiful photography. Either way the final image is unique. Flatlay. You’ll notice the overall style plays second fiddle to your own work. Not all shooters have time to practice time-lapse photography regularly. These images offer great photo series ideas with examples of “big picture thinkers” finding their own, unique way to express themselves. Make sure you are close enough to the model to blend it with the rest of the scene. You don’t have to photograph every stranger you see or put yourself in dangerous situations. Weave thin wire wool into a metal whisk and fasten this to a chain. You can get it applying an expensive tilt-shift lens or using Photoshop (PS). Be specific in your theme so that it is obvious that the photo series was taken with particular intent. These 13 varied projects demonstrate some of the range that photography has to offer—from artful depictions of reality to the further bounds of dreams and fantasy. Innovative technologies make it possible to perform different digital picture manipulation techniques using cameras. If typography is not your thing, then try to write ordinary scribbles. To make the most of this experience, use a macro lens. A conceptual photo series can revolve around a specific theme or focus on many subjects that all complement one another. Alvin Langdon Coburn was one of the first shooters who took abstract shots and presented a sequence of photos that tell a story. You can use prints or Polaroid shots to emphasise how much a person has changed. You can concentrate on one goal and get a consistent series of creative photo ideas. But you should try it to understand what results you can expect. You can transform a boring pic into a real masterpiece with this action. Below are a list of photography ideas. To make the photo look more convincing, photograph the scene from a high point on a cloudless day. Look at the pictures taken by Lucas Simões. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', 5. Try to choose a time when there is no moon in the sky. Conceptual photography - as a part of conceptual art - is a photography genre in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. Either way the final image is unique. And the incredible photo contest winners will inspire you to pick up your camera and head out photographing! What Is a Photo Series? Choosing photography themes also sets you in a decisive direction.