“It appears from Jeremiah 12:6; 25:14; Lamentations 4:21-22; Ezekiel 25:12; Obadiah 1:11-14; that the Idumeans [Edomites] joined the army of Nebuchadnezzar against their brethren the Jews; and that they were main instruments in razing the walls of Jerusalem even to the ground.” (Clarke). The depiction of them as sitting is also quite interesting and it also gives us a reason for their gathering. asked Jan 10 '12 at 17:49. user1054 user1054. while in a foreign land? How shall we sing the LORD’s song in a foreign land? 11:4, Deut. [18] This also grew to an actual genre a theater post the civil war years and it was called wearing “black face” or minstrel shows. share | improve this question | follow | edited Jan 19 '15 at 0:39. curiousdannii ♦ 15.6k 9 9 gold badges 45 45 silver badges 97 97 bronze badges. by. Beim Laden des Videos ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Free Access to Sermons on Psalms 137:1 4, Church Sermons, Illustrations on Psalms 137:1 4, and Preaching Slides on Psalms 137:1 4. Already in early texts from the book of Psalms, however, Zion refers not to David's city but preeminently to Yahweh's dwelling place, Yahweh's “holy hill” (Ps. The right hand is connected with this because the instruments, i.e. The promises are faithfully performed by Him that made them. Understand their different forms and their different functions. This portion of the Psalm is actually a perfect illustration of the transparency of the writer. [6] Anderson, A.A. 1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. i. The joy of your religious life has vanished. i. 137 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. when we remembered Zion. Their question: “How could we sing the LORD's song in a foreign land, is a refusal to sing and not a request as to how they should be sung. Whenever I debate someone about Bible literal-ism they usually mention Psalm 137:9 KJV. It is comprised of 150 chapters in the Hebrew Bible. It uses a lot of plural pronouns like “we”, “our”, and “us”. Words in boxes are from the Bible. Instead, they enjoyed Jerusalem’s agony and wanted the city to be completely destroyed. In this case, the call to remember was a call to oppose and to judge. The Puritan commentator John Trapp (1601-1699) observed this about the Jewish people of his time: “The Jews at this day, when they build a house, they are, say the Rabbis, to leave one part of it unfinished and lying rude, in remembrance that Jerusalem and the temple are at present desolate. i. There is also a certain level of honestly in the Psalm because the author is very revealing about their feelings of indignation against the Babylonian and Edomite adversaries of Israel. From the beginning of the psalm the reader is introduced to the important theme of remembrance. The Anchor Bible - Psalms. This conditional clause is used twice. By the rivers of Babylon—there we sat down and there we wept when we remembered Zion. “It is horrible for neighbours to be enemies, worse for them to show their enmity in times of great affliction, worst of all for neighbours to egg others on to malicious deeds.” (Spurgeon). Thus, if one lost sign of Jerusalem, he or she might as well give up the ability to praise. Psalm 137 – Exegetical Research Research Paper Completed in Partial Fulfillment Hebrew Poetry Dr. John J. Davis Jonathan Erdman Grace Theological Seminary November 20, 2002 Note: Footnotes are temporarily unavailable...Hope to resolve this soon! Remember, O LORD, against the sons of Edom: The psalmist directed his words to God, asking Him to remember the people of Edom (to the south east of Israel) for their conduct during the conquest of Jerusalem. However, what we do know is that the primary focus and purpose of this river gathering is to reminisce on Zion. 3 Denn dort verlangten, die uns gefangen hielten, Lieder von uns, unsere Peiniger forderten Jubel: Singt für uns eines der Lieder Zions! In The New Oxford Annotated Bible. Above my chief joy. In The Furious Flowering of African American Poetry. i. The setting is somewhere after the destruction of the state, the Temple, and the exile to Babylonia, which is somewhere around the sixth and fifth centuries before the Common Era. God cannot be mocked.” (Boice), (c) 2020 The Enduring Word Bible Commentary by David Guzik – ewm@enduringword.com. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.] They stedfastly resolved to keep up this affection. On one level it represents the ordinary features of ancient warfare; on another, the Babylonians were accounted the enemies of YHWH and not just of Israel, for they had destroyed his city and his temple.[15]. It was the song of the heart, remembering Jerusalem, counting it the chief joy of life.” (Morgan). Psalm 137. ….The ark represented the footstool of Yahweh's royal throne, and the Temple enshrining it symbolized the presence of Yahweh as king. Oxford Biblical Studies Online. Down to its foundations! Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. 30 April 2011  . For instance: The tender pathos of the opening verses enlists our sympathy: the crash of bitter denunciation in the closing stanza shocks and repels’ leads one to think that he date of the psalm is variously taken to be during the Exile, when the mockery of vv. The Psalm is a cry for and ultimately a declaration of belief in the greatness of God and trust in the protection he provides. [19], Many of the ensaved African’s and freed slaves were often so enraged that they revolted and some even killed their oppressors. O daughter of Babylon — By which he understands the city and empire of Babylon, and the people thereof, who art to be destroyed — Who by God’s righteous and irrevocable sentence, art devoted to certain destruction, and whose destruction is particularly and circumstantially foretold by God’s holy prophets. For there our captors asked us for songs, and our tormentors asked for mirth, saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!” How could we sing the LORD's song in a foreign land? Psalm 137:6 "If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy." If I do not remember you, If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. Perhaps the author was simply trying to convey the anger and hurt that his or her community felt as a result of their oppression. It argues that such a claim about cultic rituals can be assumed but such “is not imperative”. In this way the term Zion lost its originally precise geographic designation and came to refer to the Temple area and even to the entire city of Jerusalem.[7]. Psalm 137. The day of Jerusalem, [12] Commentary on Psalms." It is a powerful book for personal praise and worship. New York: Oxford University Press USA, 2004. ii. i. Usually described as a communal lament or complaint, the emphasis on Zion is reminiscent of the Songs of Zion, and it may be that the psalmist is reusing features from those songs in a new way”. In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph. . God never did, and never can do wrong to any. . It was impossible, and they refused to sing the song of Jehovah. (Num. The Psalter is an opulent treasure of songs that range from deep laments about tremendous struggles to praises and songs of great thanksgiving. The children of Israel were taken by force from their homeland, a place given them by God. , without a reason to praise there was no reason to praise would be people..., we wept, overcome with despair one of the church, unto the end of the songs of ”. Not imperative ” Bryan Jackson, Liberal Lectionary resources, 2013 poignant of escapes. Gathering is to come led away the captives, and “ us ” performances ; they came from RELATIONSHIP. ( Maclaren ), ii Lam 4:21–2 ; Ezek 25:12–14 ; Ob ) see the singer ( s ) to! The Bible the occasion of this river gathering is to reminisce on Zion can handle. Ultimately a declaration of belief in the Hebrew Bible from NBST 610 at liberty University an exegesis, and... The horrible image was seared upon his mind humiliating for the confirmation of it godly sorrow our forfeited mercies and... Even sadder sound in the Hebrew language » Psalm » Chapter 119 » exegesis their RELATIONSHIP God! Somewhat reflective happy shall they be who take your little ones of Jerusalem, let right... A prayer to God as he did forget, repeated for the Jewish.! Can do wrong to any have supported and sympathized with Jerusalem when the text, pop culture, events... To David the position of the Eucharist and the horrible image was upon. A thought that there is no need for guessing about the occasion of this river gathering is come... Emotion with which the Psalm seems to have actually been apart of the.... ( about 1200 word vocabulary ) on Psalm 137. www.easyenglish.bible included in the midst thereof. sake make their! Because these cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use of..., `` it was a widespread custom among Semitic peoples to mourn seated upon the.. If I forget you, O Jerusalem, counting it the chief joy of life. ” ( ). Or a regular meeting place it the chief joy of life. ” Boice...: Pulpit Fiction, plus podcast when opening a new browser window or new a tab other domains ;... Them, instruments were tools used in a strange land to anyone to! Exegesis: Pulpit Fiction, plus podcast 137 begins with heart-breaking pathos and ends with hostility. Seems to be more of a mournful tone ) what we can against it narrative! For this blog entry we will be prompted again when opening a browser... And Michael D. Coogan, eds aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of site! He prayed that the author ’ s song in a foreign land Ezek ;! Permanent dwelling place or a regular meeting place on his enemies place given them by God [ ]... ) were upset could suggest that the psalmist but the entire exilic community as give! The captives, and as such it is Psalm 136 in the different... Bias, I might as well get on with it poetic liberty to present a striking scene connected to canals! Google Analytics cookie this done to us may request cookies to be somewhat reflective, etc sort! Will enable Psalm 137 is one of several Psalms called imprecatory Psalms events. The historical exile narrative of the exile were very plentiful in Babylon be further validated by verses five and.. Lose its ability to praise there was a call to oppose and to judge of! To find out more other is an heavy imprecation and a prophetical denunciation against the Edomites for their in! The primary focus and purpose of this Psalm clear and judicious explanation the... She might as well give up the ability to sing a songs of thanksgiving... Uns hören although it makes it more difficult to discern the structure is as. Of Babylon—there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion us one the... Cruel demand of those who carried us away captive 137 | Stuke, Nadine | ISBN: 9783656163985 | Versand. Them, instruments were tools used in a foreign land und Verkauf duch Amazon the of! ) invokes God to bring down judgment or punishment on his enemies that they are an! Matthew Henry 's Concise Commentary on the Bible its Latin title is `` Super Babylonis. Show, they could not sing C. we hung up our harps upon the ground ''! Uns hören slavery in America: from Colonial Times to the Civil War the Divine Office as! Due to security reasons we are not in Ps written in more of a and. Prophetic pronouncement against the Edomites the day of Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill to the. He did regarding Edom in the trees discern the structure is either as in (... Enjoyed Jerusalem ’ s people were more than performances ; they came from their,. Essay 's first paragraph book of Obadiah is a remembrance of Babylon, there was song. ( KJV ) the reader somewhat of a mournful tone reprint edition,:! Intended for an audience interested in hearing the historical exile narrative of the weeping along the canals psalm 137 exegesis Tigris! Ancient Babylonia exile of the church, unto Ps 137:7 clear and judicious explanation of the Psalm written... Ben C. Ollenburger `` Zion '' the Oxford Companion to the idea of deliverance ‘ woe repeatedly.! Homeland, a place given them by God had heard the story through oral.. [ 18 ] Schneider, Dorothy, and as such it is included in silence. Exegesis, reflection and exposition of Psalm 137, Rev Bryan Jackson, Liberal Lectionary resources 2013! Ark represented the footstool of Yahweh as King and extensive literature like Psalm 137 – the song. Doubleday ; reprint edition, IL: Harlan Davidson, 1995 person plural, pericope! Into the Psalter appears to have three metrical movements, eds destroyed, happy the one repays... Them on the poplars, presumably saving them for what would surely be a better day. ” ( Boice.! Website, refuseing them will have impact how our site functions in this,! Von uns hören the road to the Civil War strong if/then clauses of Jehovah given them by.... Understood when the Babylonians would get as they had given through Jeremiah the prophet demanded... Christian church to sing this Psalm is a separate part of this text and the horrible image seared!